Studying for the CPA exam is challenging and at times - frustrating. Like any other thing, preparing for the CPA exam has its own ups and downs and we wish there was an easier way to succeed on this exam. 

While studying for the CPA exam, did you come across something like:

Ø “I just want to get done with the CPA exam.”

Ø “I do not understand a topic even after several readings.”

Ø “I can’t write communication essays because I am not a good writer or English is not my first language.”

Ø “I gave up my life and put so many hours, still I failed.”

If yes, read my book K-N-O-W™ before you go! to help you succeed on the CPA exam. I have written this book based on my own experience of passing the CPA exam and helping other CPA candidates.

I give you my permission to use this book the way it suits your study style. If you find K-N-O-W™ before you go! helpful, kindly suggest others to visit this site and download the book. 

And please do remember to share, via comments and/or email, your thoughts about this book and how it helped or motivated you to succeed on the CPA exam.

Your feedback is of great importance to me.

Happy Studying!!

Siddharth Vats, CPA